[ENG] Frequently Asked Questions for 3rd Nami Concours
Nami Concours  l  2016.06.28

FAQs for NAMI CONCOURS Online Application


1.   I cannot attach the file to online application. What can I do?

: If you cannot attach the file to online application, there are possibly three reasons for the problem. First, your file extension may not be correct. The File extension has to be jpg or jpeg. Secondly, the total size of images you submitted may be larger than 20MB. The total size of images has to be within 20MB. Thirdly, you may be uploading more than 10 images. Each applicant can upload 5 to 10 images per entry. If you have any other problems, please contact

2.   Applicants are required to submit synopsis to apply for Nami Concours. Will synopsis be also judged?

: Synopsis is important to help jury to understand submitted illustrations based on a flow of story. For this reason, each applicant is required to submit synopsis within 300 letters (1 space = 1 letter) in English. However, synopsis itself will not be graded as a part of judgment. Nami Concours Secretariat may ask to submit synopsis again when the previous one wouldn’t be enough to fully describe illustrations. 

3. Should I add description in the illustrations?

: There should not be any text in the submitted entries. If the text is the part of the illustration then it is not necessary to remove them.

4.   Is there any difference in judging process between published and unpublished illustrations? Will it influence the judging process?

: There are no distinctions based on the publication of illustrations. Both published and unpublished illustrations will be judged equally.

5.   Can I modify the submitted application if I have entered wrong information or uploaded wrong images?

: You cannot modify the application after the submission. Please check it cautiously before the submission.

6.   Can I apply several entries for Nami Concours?

: Each applicant can apply up to 3 entries as long as they’re different works. If the applicant wants to apply more than one entry, he/she needs to use different email address. Please note that each applicant can only receive one prize among his/her works. Also, submitting entries of the same work twice is not allowed.

7.   If I use a well-known story or a story from an already published book, can I change its title to write in English at my own decision?

: It is possible to change the original version into English. However, submitted English title may be modified upon the approval of the candidate.

8.   When I apply for Nami Concours as a team, can one person write an application for the team or can all members write their names in the application?

: When you submit an application as a team, please decide a representative and fill out the application form in his/her name and write other members’ names in ‘NOTE’.

9.   Should all submitted illustrations be in same size? Or does it matter as long as the total size of images would be within 20MB(RGB)?

: The size of total images should sum up to 20MB; each image should be no bigger than 2MB. Each work should be at least 1024 pixels up to 4500 pixels in RGB format only(CMYK format is not allowed).

10.   Can I use pen name in the application instead of my real name?

: Applicants have to use their real name to apply for Nami Concours.

11. Can I cancel my application after the final submission?

: Applicants cannot cancel their applications after the final submission. If applicant do not turn in hard copies to the final round of judging after passing the preliminary judging (31 December 2016), the candidate will be automatically eliminated from the concours.

12. Should I fill out the section ‘Education’ and ‘Award’?

: ‘Education’ and ‘Award’ are optional information. This information will be used for online promotion and Nami Concours catalogue of shortlisted candidates who are selected in the preliminary judging. 

13. Applicants are required to submit 5 at least to 10 at most illustrations. If I submit illustrations as many as possible, will it be advantageous in judging process?

: The number of images per entry does not affect judging at all. However, if the applicant submits less than 5 illustrations, he/she will be eliminated from the preliminary judging.

14. How should I submit entries that are pages from a pop-up book?

: You can submit entries that are pages from a pop-up book by taking photos of the pages from your camera and submit them as image files. The photos should be in a high resolution for proper examination by the judges. Body parts, such as hands or fingers, should not be visible in the photo.





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