The 3rd Nami Concours is Back!
Nami Concours  l  2016.04.14



The 3rd Nami Concours is Back! 

The announcement of the call for NAMI CONCOURS 2017. 



NAMI CONCOURS 2017 was launched at 1pm on April 6th at Author's Cafe, Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy. Authors’ café is one of the main programmes of the fair that many organization wish to be featured.  



Fred Minn, Director of Nami Concours Organizing Committee presented changes in conditions and time frame to illustrators and professionals who attended the session. In accordance with its fundamental goal to provide up and coming illustrators with extended opportunity to be featured on the global level, Nami Concours 2017 extends the number of invitees to the Award Ceremony that will be held in Korea. Unlike the previous edition that invited only Grand Prix winner and 2 Golden Island winners, Nami Concours 2017 will send the invitation to 5 Green Island winners too with all travel expenses provided. International illustrators and experts on children’s' literatures announced a few changes on the conditions of the 3rd Nami Concours comparing to the previous concours. Grand Prix winner, Golden Island winners, and Green Island winners are invited to the opening ceremony of Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival in 2017 with accommodation and travel expenses provided. The number of winner for Green Island has been increased from 3 winners to 5 winners.

The judging process and criteria of the 2nd Nami Concours were presented by Roger Mello(President of the 2015 Biennial of Illustration Bratislava Jury and the 3rd Nami Concours Juror), Anastasia Arkhipova, and Yusof Ismail. Marcelo Pimentel (Grand Prix winner of the 2nd Nami Concours) and Sonja Danowski, Torben Kuhlmann (Golden Island winners) and Anna Morgunova (Purple Island winner) took part in the session and shared their experience through Nami Concours.


Nami Island is the official sponsor of the Hans Christian Andersen Awards, also known as the “Nobel Prize for children's literature". Nami Island contributes its profit to diverse cultural events and NGOs including UNICEF and NAMBOOK Festival(Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival). Nami Concours, an illustration contest initiated by Nami Island in 2013 is one of Nami Island’s main cultural activities to offer extensive support for children's book artists..


The first concours in 2013 received 619 entries from 42 countries and the second concours in 2015 received 1330 entries from 76 countries.


The online application period for the 3rd Nami Concours is from 1 July until 30 September.. For more information please visit Nami Concours official website at




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